HughesNet Authorized Retailer

The Team

Ethan Hanning

As sales manager of Advanced Home Solutions, a local HughesNet Retailer in Ohio, my job mainly consist of overseeing and training all our sales representatives. I make sure that we are all aware when new HughesNet offers change, our goal as a company is to provide our customers excellent customer service. Call Advanced Home Solutions…

Susan Hill

Susan Hill is our Office Scheduler, and she makes sure that everything runs smoothly around here. At Advanced Home Solutions, we’re a busy crew. When our technicians aren’t out installing new connections, they’re busy maintaining and improving old ones, and that leads to a whole lot of logistics. Fortunately Susan is there to make sure…

George Mayes

George manages Advanced Home Solutions with the best customer service to bring a positive work experience to the staff and also to the customers who wanted to get the best Satellite-Internet with HughesNet. Call George now, at 740-446-7443, and ask him how we Advanced Home Solutions can get you online with HughesNet today!

The Team